Supplemental Housing

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What is Supplemental Housing?

Housing uses supplemental housing space to offer more students the opportunity to enjoy the on-campus living experience. Supplemental Housing space is typically lounge space converted to permanent living space - the rooms are located within the residence hall buildings and offer students all the amenities of a regular room - bed, desk, drawers, hanging space for clothes, Internet and cable TV connection, microfridge - but since the room is larger, the space can accommodate four to eight roommates. Some supplemental space may be designated as sharing a room with a resident assistant (RA).

Both first-year and upperclass students are assigned to supplemental housing.

First-year students

As first-year students accept the offer of admission to Penn State, regular housing space is allocated. Regular housing space fills as the deadline to accept the offer of admission to Penn State draws nearer, and students are then assigned to supplemental housing space. Therefore, students who accept their offer of admission after April 1 have a greater chance of being assigned to supplemental housing. Use of supplemental space allows Housing and Food Services to accommodate as many students as possible. Some students decide not to attend Penn State either before or after the semester has started. As these cancellations occur, students assigned to supplemental housing can then be moved to regular housing space.

Upperclass students

During the Housing Contract process for upperclass students, offers are made for regular and supplemental housing. Upperclass students who accept a supplemental housing contract will be assigned to a supplemental housing space.

Sample floor plans

View sample floor plans (measurements are approximate; size and shape of rooms may vary; floor plans not to scale): 

Moving to Regular Housing Space

The amount of time that a student spends in supplemental housing varies. As regular housing space becomes available, students will be moved from supplemental housing based on the location of the current vacancy as well as the student currently assigned to the room. Housing makes every effort to keep students in their current building or housing area and to assign roommates who are of similar semester standing. Students will be notified of their new assignment in plenty of time to prepare to move within the four-day allotted time frame.

Supplemental Housing Room Rate

Students assigned to supplemental housing pay a reduced room rate. Once the student is reassigned to regular housing space, the room rate will be prorated to the new room rate.