Resident & Family Information


Get connected and learn about the events and activities the dynamic White Course community has to offer. Also, learn about alerts and important RA information.


Community Events and Activities

Resident Assistant


Bicycle Registration

Please take time to secure your belongings that are stored outside and register your bicycles. Registering your bike is simple and free, and you can register online. 

Ground Maintenance

During the spring and summer, our maintenance staff will be mowing several days a week.  Please remember to keep any items (toys, chairs, garbage bins, bikes, etc.) off of the lawn space after using them.  Small items not seen by staff may become damaged if it is left behind.  Similarly, items left in the walkways and paths create obstacles for folksRemember to have your little ones bring home any toys that they are utilizing

Mailing/Address Information

Mailboxes are located in the Weston Community Center. Please format your mailing address in this manner:

Your Name
Your Apartment Number, Your Building Name
University Park PA 16802-

Use the appropriate extended zip code for your building:

Bernreuter 6841; Cunningham 6840; Donkin 6839; Dunham 6827; 

Farrell 6838; Ferguson 6837; Garban 6828; Grubb 6829; 

Haffner 6831; Holderman 6836; Ikenberry 6834; Lovejoy 6833; 

Osborn 6835; Palladino 6832; Patterson 6826; Ray 6830

Resident Assistant

If you need assistance Residence Life staff is available in the evenings. The resident assistant (RA) on duty is a trained student peer who assists in building community and addressing resident concerns. The RA on duty is available from 8 p.m. – 8 a.m. daily and can be reached by calling (814) 876-0834.

Community Events and Activities

White Course offers a variety of programs throughout the semester for residents as well as families. We provide child-friendly activities that involve parent participation, such as ice cream socials, the summer film series, coffee, and play dates. We also offer events geared towards our adult (18+) community members, such as movie showings, social shopping trips, and a trip to Delgrosso's Amusement Park.


Divergent (PG-13)

**Saturday, August 23
5:00pm & 8:00pm

Meet new neighbors while enjoying our showing of Divergenty! Families can watch the movie at 5:00pm in room 117. 18+ showing will begin at 8:00pm on the Patterson lawn.

Global Mixer

Sunday, August 24
4:00pm Weston Lobby

White Course is home to residents from all over the world. Swing by the Community Center to make new friends and connect to those who may be in your program. We will have snacks and giveaways to those who attend.

Arrival Meetings

Sunday, August 24

All new residents are required to attend an arrival meeting. The meetings will be approximately 30 minutes long and hosted by your RA. The meeting will cover important University and White Course specific information.

Tie Dye

**Monday, August 25

Dye your favorite shirt or grab one of ours for free! We will supply your first shirt for free. Additional shirts can be purchased for $2. Families can tie dye in front of the Community Center! 18+ will be on the Patterson lawn!

Game Night

Tuesday, August 26
7:00pm Lobby

Hang out with friends and family while enjoying some fun card games, word games, strategy, goofiness and laughs. Snacks provided.

Dying for Dessert

Wednesday, August 27
8:00pm Weston 117

Think you're the modern day Sherlock Holmes? Bring your roommates and neighbors to try to figure out who committed the crime while enjoying some delicious goodies! 18+ only.

Coffee and Smoothie Hour

Thursday, August 28
3:30pm Weston Lobby

Get a cup of coffee or enjoy a smoothie while meeting some neighbors!

*Residents 18 years or older
**Family friendly event: Parent participation is required for children who wish to participate.